Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few new pictures

Frankie and Mikaela getting ready for some lunch

MMM She loves her Mac and Cheese

He's eating!! :)

Ready for his bath!

Not easy with a cast!! Got to love those extra walmart bags, cast is nice and dry!

On the Move, Again!!

So, the rumor is true. We are moving AGAIN! Its about 10 miles out from where we are now, in the Saginaw area. We are excited ($250 less a month) and are ready for the change! Hopefully this will be it for us! We are renting for a year with the option to buy. The schools in Saginaw are good and the area is very nice!

We are hoping the kids will adjust well. Mikaela is going to miss her friends :( but we will stay in touch! Now there is Frankie, Frankie who has a hard time sleeping anywhere but in our room. Hopefully he will be fine since all "his stuff" will be there. Wish us luck!!


Frankie is getting his 4th tooth in (top tooth) I haven't slept in days!! So sleepy...............

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Poopie Wars!!

I know not everyone will appreciate this posting, but oh well!! This is our life, our struggle!

Frankie has been constipated for as long as I can remember. He would go every 4-5 days via suppository. We did Miralax for a while but it seemed like it made him go too much or not at all depending on the dosage. So we stuck with suppositories.

Anyways!! It seems for at least right now we have won the poopie war!!! He has gone on his own for the last week! He went the 4 days prior to surgery and the 3 days since. He even went twice yesterday! Its wonderful!! He is not screaming and crying, we don't even know he has gone until he leaks or we smell it. Its such a wonderful thing!! Of course we are using more wipes and diapers -- but we don't have that fussy baby all the time because he is FULL OF POOP, or the crying baby because he is in pain from trying to go.

Its funny when you think about the little things that get us excited :) Life goes by so slow, progress is soooo slow so without the little things we would be left waiting for a long time!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to our new Blog!

Thanks for stopping by! This will be our new home, we are going to try to do away with Mikaelas and Frankies individual sites and do all updates here! Here are the last posts from their babysites.

Our Princess!

Date: 08/09/2008

Mikaela is doing great! She is OFFICIALLY potty trained! She went back and forth for a while but now shes got it down! It just took us taking away the pullups for good, when she had them on she was lazy! We don't have to remind her anymore , I love it! Less diapers to change and buy!! :) Mikaela is still an outdoor gal, she is a speed racer on her bike! She goes soooo fast, its hard keeping up with her! She also loves to jump on her trampoline and swim in her pool. Our little baby will be 3 in just a few months! Where has the time gone?! She is now 30 pounds and about 39 inches. She grew 3 inches in about a month! She was having alot of pain at night for a few weeks so we took her to the Dr. we were told it was growing pains.. I didn't believe it until we measured her! Its crazy!! She is getting so big and even more Beautiful! She is still an excellent helper, always taking care of her baby brother. She loves him so much!! We took the kids to the circus last weekend, Mikaela was talking about it for weeks before! She wanted to ride the train to the circus! We took the train from Richland Hills all the way to the AA Center, she was in heaven!! She was singing the entire time both ways, it was cute!! (All Aboard!!! ) She had a blast!

All is well!

Date: 08/21/2008

Frankie did great during and after surgery! Surgery took about 2 hours - no complications! Afterwards they did another ABR HE PASSED!! His tubes are working great , he has no hearing loss like they once suspected! Good news is always AWESOME! We spent the night in the hospital. A long long night! He whined most of the night, if I wasn't holding him he was upset. Needless to say I was tired! We all slept till 1030 this morning though so we are caught up :) He seems to be doing good, it doesn't seem like hes in much pain. I give him his hydrocodone every 4 hours so he should be feeling GREAT. He also loves his new cast, he moves his leg up and down and likes to look at the bright blue, he has been playing with it all day.Thanks for your prayers, as usual they worked!

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