Thursday, October 30, 2008

My SuperBabies!! And then some...



Look at my big boy!!!!!!!! I just love this picture :)

Practicing standing and loving it!

Playing ball with Sister, he loves to roll it back and forth!

Sharing his chair with Maggie, so sweet of him!

Hanging out on Maggies shoulder

My beautiful princess!! Almost 3 years old!

Such a Sweetheart :)

Isaac and Mikaela, so sweet!

"Mommy hes slapping me again!!"

The Three Amigos hanging out

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

His "Wheelchair"

It's finally here!! Frankie loves it!! He threw a fit the entire time the man was here setting it up, all he wanted to do was get in!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look at him!!

Frankie took his first big boy bath on Saturday!! Both he and Mikaela loved it, our little baby is growing up!!!

He wasn't too sure about it at first, notice the weird angle of his body?

Sister trying to clean him up

Sitting a bit straighter!
At the request of Mikaela, Frankie joined her again this morning.. Too cute!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Booty Biopsy

Frankie's surgeon called last night (yes on a Sunday night!) with biopsy results. He tested Negative for Hirschsprung's!! :)

It looks like his constipation issues are just the normal RTS problems, mainly low muscle tone.

Friday, October 17, 2008

1 Morning - 3 Appointments - 1 BIG NAP!

Frankie had his biopsy yesterday morning. We should have the results either today or tomorrow morning. We are hoping its negative!

He also saw his GI Dr. yesterday. He has lost more weight, he is back at 17.8 pounds (with a diaper on) he was at 18.1 without a diaper. We are going to start night time pump feedings to get him extra calories. This will also get us extra sleep, as long as his tummy tolerates it! Hopefully we figure out the magic number and won't have any wretching episodes...

After the GI appointment we went to the lab for bloodwork, they are checking for a milk allergy. My poor little guy was poked 3 times, he was hysterical the entire time! They can never get blood from him, they even have a hard time with IV's - he always comes back with multiple pokes after surgery. They don't even do it until hes asleep so we know its just not his wiggling! Anyways, hopefully we know the results from the blood work soon.

When we finally got home from our LONG MORNING Frankie took his afternoon nap - 4 hours!!!! It was crazy yet wonderful!! He is napping now as we speak, going on 2 hours :)

Enjoying the nice afternoon on the lawn

Look at the excitement in her face, she loves her BUBBA!!

Mikaela feeding her Bubba apple juice and Miralax, Momma's big helper!

Hanging out with Bubba on his Chair. They love each other so much!

Mikaela loves to fold towels, great helper always!

My Swinging Babies :)

My princess is an outdoor gal

He's a screamer!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Excuse Me!!!

He did it! Frankie burped today!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!! I haven't heard my little man burp since he had his Fundoplication in February.. It was beautiful!! Burpppppppp! :) Of course I made a big deal about it - even got him excited!

I'm hoping this keeps up so he can get rid of that nasty gas that always hangs out in his tummy. At the same time I'm hoping that this doesn't mean reflux will start coming up again.. Wish us luck!

Hanging out in the front yard, poor baby is sick :(

Getting ready to carve her pumpkin! She already "colored" it!

Goodmorning!! Hanging out on the couch watching some cartoons :)

Getting ready to spin!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

18 Month Checkup

Frankie had his 18 month checkup yesterday. He is once again at 18.1 pounds and is 29 1/2 inches long.

Constipation was the topic of discussion yesterday. His Dr. wants him tested for Hirschsprung's disease. We are going tomorrow at 2 to see his pediatric surgeon at which point they are probably going to set a day and time for a biopsy. Chances are that its just the normal RTS constipation, but because his main issue is just getting it out - its not the normal type of hard stool constipation he will be tested to be cautious!

One part of me is hoping that its not Hirschsprung's but then another part of me is hoping for a cure to his constipation! He is just so miserable, its an endless cycle! He does so good then it hits him, he cant eat because he is feeling so bad. He ends up losing weight and on and on and on. Medicine isn't working anymore, suppositories only work sometimes and we have to resort to enemas. Everytime he is finally able to go he screams in horrible pain! :(

Please say a prayer for Frankie!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why did I Brag?!

It seems like everytime I post something positive things just turn around!!

A little more than a week ago Frankie started cutting back on his baby food (Watching his figure?) . Day by day things have gotten worse.. At this point he is eating nothing and drinking almost nothing! During the day he is refusing everything, at night he is doing fair. I GUESS WE ARENT GETTING THE G-TUBE OUT :( He has lost weight since his last weigh in.. He's not doing so good!

Well I typed that up a few days ago and never got a chance to finish!!

I ended up taking him to the ER on Tuesday. It seems his whole tummy was full of gas, not sure what was going on! They gave us some super duper anti-gas medicine for him and also did an enema while he was there (the other end was clogged!) Anyways, he is doing better now! Eating alot better, not as well as before but better thankfully!

Frankie now has 5 teeth!! From 3 to 5 in a few days! Woohoo!!

He also started holding more than one toy and banging them together!

I wasn't the only one excited! Check him out!!
His foot looks huge in this picture, hes actually only a size 2!!

AND he loves to play peek a boo!! I will add a video later, its so cute!!!!!

We got a call about Frankies new stroller (pediatric wheelchair) , it has been approved and should be delivered in the next 2 weeks! So exciting! We are going to have to put insurance on this thing, I can't believe how much they cost!!!!!

Here is a picture of the one he is getting - his has orange trim..

Mikaela's Updates!

Isn't she Beautiful!!

Mikaela is now sick , a bad cold I guess. She is losing her voice , coughing alot and feverish.. Hopefully Frankie won't get sick because it always lasts much longer with him and as with everything else he stops eating and loses weight!

She is loving her new school! She has alot of friends and loves her two teachers! She is having her Stone Soup Dinner and program this Thursday - we can't wait!! This past week she got to see a fireman and firetruck, she was in heaven! We have pictures of her trying on the firemans helmet, I will try to scan them later so I can share!
Mikaela will be 3 in less than a month!! I can't believe it!!

Hanging out at McDonald's

Mikaela and Frankie play together alot now - FINALLY! Its too cute!! I will try to get some pictures and videos taken soon. Its so sweet to watch!