Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the Move, Again!!

So, the rumor is true. We are moving AGAIN! Its about 10 miles out from where we are now, in the Saginaw area. We are excited ($250 less a month) and are ready for the change! Hopefully this will be it for us! We are renting for a year with the option to buy. The schools in Saginaw are good and the area is very nice!

We are hoping the kids will adjust well. Mikaela is going to miss her friends :( but we will stay in touch! Now there is Frankie, Frankie who has a hard time sleeping anywhere but in our room. Hopefully he will be fine since all "his stuff" will be there. Wish us luck!!


Frankie is getting his 4th tooth in (top tooth) I haven't slept in days!! So sleepy...............

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