Saturday, September 13, 2008

18 Months and 18 Pounds!

Frankie is 18 months old today!! As of Friday he is 18.0 pounds. Our little man is growing up and getting big!! He is even starting to wear more 12 month clothes! I was so excited the other day when I put a 6-9 month t-shirt on him and it was tight :) Just to give an idea of his size now, if he were 6 months old he would be in the 50th percentile for weight, if he were 9 months old he would be in the 9th percentile! We haven't had exact measurements done in well over a month, the most accurate calculator online I have found puts our little man in the 0 percentile.


Frankie now has 3 teeth ( 1 top - 2 bottom) and 3 more that will hopefully be through soon!
To date Frankie has had 4 surgeries, 2 MRI's, 3 EGD's and many other tests.

His first surgery was a Nissen Fundoplication, G-Tube and testicle lowered - in February. In May he had his tethered spinal cord released. In June he had ear tubes placed. And just a few weeks ago he had orthopedic surgery to remove his extra little toe. Through all this he has still kept his smile and humor, what a trooper!!

Good news! The only surgery that is left would be having his ASD closed in a few years. We will be going back to his Cardiologist soon and hopefully we will get good news, news that it closed on its own! If not we will keep waiting and hoping!

Also on October 9th Frankie goes into his GI Dr. and will hopefully be getting his G-Tube out ! We only use it for medication and venting at this time and the venting is not nearly as much as before! We won't miss it!!

Poopie Wars! The poopie wars have returned. We had about 1 and a half good weeks but now we are struggling again :( Not fun!!!!!!


Favorite Foods : Mac and Cheese and McDonald's Cheeseburgers with extra ketchup - I should say tiny pieces of Cheeseburger drenched in ketchup

Favorite Dessert : Woolleys Chocolate Frozen Custard, Followed by Snow Cones and Snack cakes, Also a big one would be Gerber Yogurt Melts!

Favorite Song : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Sung by big sister Mikaela Breanna

Favorite Place: Incredible Pizza - Carousel , He also loves the outdoors

Favorite Toy : Wish he had one!!

Best Friend : Big Sister Mikaela Breanna!

Favorite Game : I drop it and you pick it up!

Favorite Activity: Spinning!! Loves to spin in the computer chair!

Favorite Therapy : Aquatic!

Favorite TV Show: Intro to JoJo's Cirus and Dora the Explorer

Most annoying habit: Grinding his teeth!!

No more pictures!! Please!

Updates on Therapy--

Frankie goes to Grapevine twice a week for Physical Therapy. Once his foot heals completely we will switch back to once a week PT and once a week Aquatic Therapy. In physical therapy they have been working on getting him in the crawling position-he screams the entire time, its very sad!! They have also been working on getting him into the standing position and a few other things. I can't see him crawling or standing on his own anytime soon but the practice will be good for him!
Also, once his foot heals they are going to look into getting him orthotics he needs the extra support in his weak little legs. He is doing very well with sitting now! As long as he has something to entertain him he will sit forever, once he gets bored - back he flies! He still can't be left alone sitting up, he will hurt himself!!

We also have a Speech Therapist come out to our house twice a week. He has made alot of progress in eating!! He eats almost 3 full jars of Stage two baby food a day! This is a big change from just a few bites a day!! His eating routine is less than desirable though! Here is how it goes... He will take maybe a bite or two to start off.. Then holds his mouth shut TIGHT shaking his head no. He does this until I give him something to hold in his hand, right when he gets something he will open and take a bite. THEN he drops its on the ground and we start all over.. You should see the area around his highchair when hes done, its surrounded with various objects! It gets him eating but its annoying!! :) We still haven't made much progress with getting him to drink out of a cup or straw yet. IN HIS TIME :)

His Occupational Therapist has been out sick for a while, but we are hoping she will start coming back out this week. He is supposed to be seeing her twice a week as well. He definitely needs her!!

Here he is refusing to take another bite!

Hanging out with Big Sister!

Throughout everything, he has not forgotten how to PULL MIKAELA'S HAIR!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Happy 18mo! I love the pic of his mouth tightly shut, thats what Alex does.

Kristi said...

You have come so far little man. Happy 18 month

Kyle & Tarah Peacock said...

Yeah 18 months, glad to know things are going good. I would love to add Frankie's blog onto Sawyer's would that be okay?

Michelle said...

Austin is little just like Frankie...he's consistently -2 to -5 on the growth charts. He's barely on the RTS growth charts! I think he's in the 10% range there. He's 6 years old and wears 3T-4T clothing. =)

Cindy said...

Congrats Frankie! You're growing at your own speed and making great progress. What fun that you'll get your g-tube out soon. Tom and I are talking about that for Natalie next spring.

Chritine said...

G, you are such a wonderful mother, YOU have endured so much and are still going strong. I am so proud of you and I love my Frankie poo-poo, and Kayla-layla soooooo much. Love your sis Chris