Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our baby is 3!! Happy Birthday Mikaela!

9 days late but finally posting!

Mikaela turned 3 on the 2nd, my how time flies! Just yesterday she was a tiny little thing! We celebrated her birthday at Incredible Pizza, she had so much fun! Thanks to everyone who attended :)

We are so blessed to have our 3 year old angel PRINCESS !!!!!!

Heres a little flashback before we get to her 3rd birthday pictures...

Mikaela's BIRTH-day

Mikaela's First Birthday

Mikaela's 2nd Birthday

Mikaela is 3!!!

Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you!!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Mikaela! You're a great big sister!

Myssie said...

Happy Birthday Mikaela!! I hope you have great fun being 3!!!!