Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Vacation - TONS OF PICTURES!

We left early Saturday morning headed to San Antonio. The kids were great in the car !! It was about a 4 hour car ride (maybe a little longer.) While in San Antonio we visited Sea World (twice.) Mikaela loved the waterpark the most! We saw the Shamu Show (Believe) and one other while there. Mikaela wanted to sit in the splash zone during Believe (they also call it the soak zone). Her and Corey sat and waited for Shamu to splash their way, the moment it happened she lost it!! She cried so hard, it was actually kind of funny!!! She says she cried because Shamu got water in her mouth LOL.. Too funny!!! Now, onto Frankie. Frankie hated the sun, he hated the water, he hated the shows, hmm he hated just about everything!!! We also visited the Alamo area and Market Square while in San Antonio.

Monday morning we headed to Galveston, its still pretty tore up in some spots but its still beautiful!! Mikaela loved the beach, the sand, and the sun!! She built a few small sand castles, searched for sea shells and walked in the sand and water. Frankie hated the Beach! He hated the water, the sand and the sun! At night we went to Kemah's Boardwalk, Mikaela of course loved it!! We left after the Carousel, yes the Carousel made me feel woozy!!

On Tuesday before heading back to the beach we visited NASA in Houston. Mikaela loved it!! We saw a short movie which she actually sat through, visited a few exhibits then spent some time in the playzone. She talked me into going in with her, OH MY!! Its been sooooo long!! One hour and 3 slides later my back was ready to go!!

Back to the beach we went! Frankie didn't like NASA much, however instead of crying he slept for a while :) Wednesday we headed back home, the kids were super annoying in the car!! 5 hours later we made it home, the kids slept so late the next morning.. It was wonderful!!

When we pulled up to the house Frankie got excited and started his shaking thing , TOO FUNNY!! He shook all the way to the door then tried to jump out of my arms when we walked in.

Anyways, we are home. We had a great time!! Cant wait till our next trip!!

Two Days at Sea World San Antonio, TX

My exhausted babies!

The Alamo

On the Road Again!

Boardwalk- Kemah, TX

NASA Space Center - Houston, TX

Seeing how strong she is in the Different Planets!

Exhausted after visiting NASA

Refusing to nap!

Ready for the Beach :)
Galveston Island , TX

Sensory overload!!

She was in heaven!

Lets Go Momma, Outta here!!!


Sawyer said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. Frankie looks cute in all of those pictures. So glad you got home safe!

Kristi said...

Noah hates the sun, beach and sand too.. Looks like a great time... Really enjoyed the pictures.

Michelle said...

Austin is the same way with our vacations. It's hard to find something he actually likes! Andrew is the total opposite. So far, Austin's thing seems to be aquariums!