Monday, December 28, 2009

CHRISTmas Time! Lots of Pictures.......

We had a great CHRISTmas, an entire month of listening to the Chipmunks CHRISTmas CD (kinda glad I can put it away now!) We had a pretty scary Christmas Eve, it snowed all day long - then turned to ice! We didn't know it was that bad when we left the house. We ended up getting stuck on a hill (with alot of other people) while on the way to my Mom's. Corey and my Brother were out in the cold for what seemed like an eternity helping the car in front of us get turned around, then our van, then the car behind us.. NOT FUN!!

We had a white CHRISTmas though!! The streets were much better by the next afternoon thankfully. We actually still have ice in our driveway -- again NOT FUN!! Still a little snow left too.. AND its supposed to snow again tonight, WOOHOO!!! Staying home tomorrow!!!

The kids got alot of cool stuff for CHRISTmas. Frankie opened some of his presents for the first time ever!! A MIRACLE!!!!!

Below are some pictures from CHRISTmas day

Doing a little spinning before starting the day..

Santa came!

Zhu- Zhus!
Santa ate both cookies and drank his Milk

Corey and Mikaela

Ready to open her presents

He is opening his presents!!!

He likes what he sees

Tea Set

Playing with the wrapping paper

Pushing his new remote control car

Loves his mailbox!!

Surprise!! She got her new motor scooter!



Beautiful Girl!

Sitting on his new 4 wheeler, loving it!!


Kelly said...

What a fun Christmas and so neat to have a white one too!

I love the last picture of Frankie on his scooter!!

Kelly W.

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

Its nice to see that you guys had a great christmas and that the gifts were a hit! frankie looks so proud of himself to be on his scooter!=)

Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Love Frankie in his bright yellow PJs. Did you have a hard time finding Zhu zhus?