Sunday, March 14, 2010

Frankie is 3!!!

Happy Birthday to my Itty Bitty BIG BOY!! It's hard to believe that 3 years have passed!

Frankie Signing "Eat"

Frankie has been doing wonderfully!! He had surgery 12 days ago and got through it like a champ, he's such a strong boy! Frankie is going to be starting school on the 22nd, I never thought I would be able to send him at such a young age, however when we went up to the school and met all the wonderful people up there my mind changed! They fell in love with him instantly and he fell in love with them!! It was heartwarming to hear all the kind remarks from them, during his IEP meeting they all had their papers written up and every single person that he had met in his evaluation commented on how happy he was, the fact that he was always smiling! My boy is changing people, hes so sweet, so innocent and SO HAPPY!!

SO... When Frankie was diagnosed with RTS and I read all the information about it I cried. The hardest thing was reading that I had a 50 percent chance of never hearing my baby boys voice. Every mom wants to hear their child call them mommy or Momma right? Frankie has been making alot of progress in this area! He doesnt really "talk", but I have heard his voice! Frankie has a few words and also a few signs. If he doesn't add any new words for the rest of his life, I'M HAPPY!! Frankie says up, backpack , mama (not to me yet but he says it!!) , he calls me baba, he says bite, bubbles, bye bye and a few more random things! Frankie signs more, finished and eat! So much progress in the last 3 years, more than I could have hoped for!!

Now... I had a dream , my dream / wish was for Frankie to walk by his 3rd birthday. He crawled right before his 2nd birthday so it could happen right?? Well, check out the video below!

My dream/wish was never too specific , just to have Frankie walking. Frankie is walking, he is walking assisted - but he is walking!! Definitely a dream come true!!! I can't wait to see whats in store for us next!

Now for a little update on Frankie's growth. Frankie is now 24 pounds 3.2 oz and 33.1 inches long! Growing, slowly but surely!!


Cindy said...

What a wonderful update on Frankie! He is making great progress, and I'm sure you'll be impressed at what he learns at school. Go Frankie! Three years old is so much fun!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Frankie. He will be walking in no time. Look at him go. I'm so proud of him. My dream was for Noah to walk before his third B day too. Now a few months later he is walking a lot. He still crawls at times but he's walking. I love "bubbles" how cute... So proud of him..

Shane said...

Happy Birthday Frankie! Hope that this year is so blessed for you. Enjoy school and wearing your backpack! (Gena, you are an amazing mom! So awed by all of the work and training you put into your role as mom. Keep up the amazing work!) ~Lerah

Myssie said...

Wow!! What an awesome video! You better get your sneakers ready, you are going to be running after him in no time!! happy birthday Frankie!!!

Tarah said...

How cute, I love when he says bubbles. He looks so big with his haircut! I'm so proud of him, he will be walking in no time. Way to go Frankie!

Anonymous said...

What a miracle!

Kelly said...

Wow! Listen to him! Happy Birthday Frankie! Kelly F