Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cardiologist last week

I guess I forgot to do an update!! The appointment was horrible! Frankie has devloped a hatred for Dr's offices, it started the day before when he went to the pediatrician and then to the lab for bloodwork. He screamed the entire time at the cardiologist, he shook and he literally choked me.

Anyways, through the fits they were able to get some info off the Echo.. He still has an ASD, its about 4mm. The Dr. said that because it is so small he may never have to have surgery to fix it. GOOD NEWS!!!

Update on the kids --- Mikaela has been sick since last Tuesday. Yes, almost a week and a half!! She has been miserable, high fever , lots of coughing and just plain feeling like CRAP! Frankie has been sick since Sunday, today he seemed a little worse. I took them both to the Dr. this morning. Mikaela seems ok - meaning lungs , ears and throat. Frankie has an ear infection :( I was bragging just the other day about how long it has been since he had an infection!!!!

Frankie will be going in on Monday night for a sleep study (wish us luck!) We then go Tuesday morning to the ENT. He snores horribly!! They will be testing for apnea. Hopefully its just snoring, but you never know!

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Cindy said...

So sorry your kids have been sick lately. I hope they're on the mend soon. And I wanted to caution you that it's not worth doing the sleep study unless Frankie is 100% well. Natalie had a sleep study when she was coming down with something (she only showed symptoms AT the sleep study), and it was miserable. The sleep study is soooo hard already, that if the kid isn't completely well, it's even more miserable. And you really want to see what Frankie is doing while healthy...if he's up because of snotty nose all night, they can't get a good read on his sleep cycles. Hope it goes well!