Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Littlest Heroes Project

We had our photo shoot 8 days ago, it was wonderful! Megan Hamilton is an awesome photographer, so sweet and caring! Thank you so much for coming out to our home Megan!
She posted a few pictures on her blog -- a sneak peek. They look great! Here is her blogspot link if you want to see them all, I will post a few here.

Big thanks to the Megan Hamilton and the Littlest Heroes Project, we gave up on portrait studios because of the stress it put on us and the kids. We know who is doing our pictures next time :)

DFW Folks -- Please check Megan out at you will love her and her work!

Thanks also to Jessica Pruitt for letting us know about the Littlest Heroes Project!!


Kelly said...

Love the pics! The turned out wonderful. My fave is the one of the two kids sitting back to back. Kelly F

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Wow!!!! THose are so good, the one with Mikaela and her daddys arm is perfect!!!

Dont you just love the littlese heroes project!!!

Kristi said...

These are great Gena. Love them

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous pictures!! I applied to the Littlest Heroes as well a couple of weeks ago. How long did it take to hear back from them? I did get the email saying they got my application. We haven't had a family picture done since Austin was 3 for the same reasons you stated.

Thomas said...

WOW those are awesome pictures!! I love reading your site and hearing about your family..