Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Updates on the Kiddos

Frankie is doing great, aside from his tantrums and constant screaming/crying!! The little boy didn't cry for the first 6 months of his life.. I knew he would make up for it sometime!! Thank God for tylenol!!! He is busy crawling around the house and getting into stuff.

Below are some pictures of his new Orthotics (Foot/ Ankle Braces) he has some trouble with his feet and trouble with the strength in his legs (he likes to lock his knees to get support) Hopefully the Orthotics will help!! He doesn't seem to mind them much. We even found a pair of tennis shoes that fit today, woohoo!! Stride Rite size 5 1/2 XW (Extra Wide) they look so huge compared to his little body!! They also fit into his Crocs which are pictured.

Frankie is also doing patching, switching eyes daily. He doesn't have strabismus but his eyes do wander at times. It took a while but he is finally getting used to it. At first everytime I patched him he would fall asleep, it was crazy yet lovely!!

Mikaela is doing great, she officially quit the basketball team! After about a week off we attempted practice again, she was scared the entire time. She wouldnt step foot on the court without me and freaked out everytime someone ran past her or just close to her.. Oh well, we will try again in a few years!!

Here she is with some of her artwork, well cutting!! She loves to cut up paper with her scissors - she calls it "making snowflakes". She doesn't like to clean it up though! Neither do I!!!!

Below are some pictures we took at Chuck E. Cheese, we went for our playgroups Valentines Party. Fun Fun Fun!!

Frankie with his "Cup". Endless hours of entertainment!! He loves to bang!

I can't believe it, but Frankie will be 2 in 25 days!! Where has the time gone??
Vomit--!!!! Mikaela has been vomiting all over this evening, she is so sick :( she is also running a high fever with whelps all over her body.. Frankie had a very upset stomach this past weekend, he even threw up (all over me of course) in the middle of the night.. Kind of crazy since he isnt supposed to be able to throw up!! I'm guessing maybe he got Mikaela and Corey sick?!! He also has had an ear infection for over a week and half. I can't wait till everyone is healthy again!!


Myssie said...

Sweet little Frankie!! I have been missing you!! Will's braces look the same as Frankie's. I also found that New Balance shoes come in extra wide, they are sold at Stride Rite. Will's feet looked weird at first too with the shoes and braces being so big, but now he has grown into them. They don't look so strange. Loved the pictures of the kiddos, they are both so cute!!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

So Frankie needs to teach Alex how to crawl and Alex can teach Frankie how to pull up....

Kristi said...

Good to hear an update of the kids.. Hugs from Noah to Frankie

Sawyer said...

Ah, man sorry to hear about being sick. Hope you get better soon. I must say he does look cute in those crocs :)