Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bella Update

I was waiting till today to give an update because I was hoping for good news from Monica this morning.

I was able to go visit Bella yesterday afternoon. She was on the Vent, I think maybe around 50 percent O2.. I was there when the Dr's visited. RSV and Flu both came out negative. They talked some about her chest Xrays, evidently she has Pneumonia again. The nurse had said that her xray was very hazy, it looked horrible. He did however say that it looked a little better than it did during the night. Bella was "drugged up" quite a bit because she does not like the vent. She was still awake and wanted to play though. She kept begging to be held but we arent able to hold her. Monica got to hear Bella for the first time yesterday. She was making alot of noise, the typical baby noise.. It was adorable! This really made Monica feel alot better, she has always wanted to be able to hear her "voice" definitely not in this way but it did bring a little sunshine to her day.

Monica left late last night to go home and get her other kids ready for the week of school ahead of them. When she returned Bella was on the Vent at 100 percent and they had paralyzed her. At this point they are going to keep her paralyzed for a few days to try and give her body a chance to heal / fight. She seems to be getting worse instead of better. It also doesn't help that she is fighting the vent with every ounce of energy that she has!

Things aren't looking good at all. Please continue to pray for Bella, she is the sweetest most precious baby girl in the world! Please also pray for Monica, she has some very tough decisions ahead of her.


Terri H-E said...

Hope and prayers headed to Monica and Bella. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Kelly said...

Out thoughts are will Bella and her family. Thanks for the update. Kelly F.

The Peacock's said...

We hope all goes well with Bella.