Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please pray for Bella!

I wanted to give an update on Bella, she was admitted to the hospital yesterday (Friday). They were thinking she has RSV, I'm not sure if that was confirmed yet. She had a tight chest, wheezing and a 102 fever. They attempted an IV on her and she stopped breathing, she was transferred to the ICU. The last update that I received was at about 1 AM and she had just been put on a Vent.

Please be praying for Bella, Monica and Family. She had just recovered from Pneumonia, and had been out of the hospital for about a week. I had last spoken to Monica on Thursday and she said she was doing great. There was a big change in just 24 hours. Bella is a very strong girl, a fighter like the rest of our RTS sweeties! Please pray that she pulls through. Bella will be 2 on February 16th :)



Keisha said...

We will be praying for little Bella!

Myssie said...

I will be praying for sweet Bella.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I was just thinking about her and wondering how whe was doing.
Hang in there Bella!