Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Life!!

I felt like sharing the last 2 weeks with everyone!!

4 Visits to the pediatrician, 2 visits to Urgent Care, 2 visits to the Hospital, 1 Gastric Empty Study, 1 PH Probe. 2 Antibiotic Shots, 1 Penicillin shot, lots of Omnicef and Amoxicillan.

Tons of vomit (6 Days), hives, strep throat/ scarlet fever, coughing, snot, tears, fevers, puss coming from ears, crying, whining,.

Today -- Visit to the ENT, Visit to Quest for labwork.

3 Missed days of school, 3 missed days of Therapy.

Many sleepless nights!! I'm sooooo tired!!!

Two Beautiful Happy Babies!! Its definitely worth it!


Michelle said...

My goodness, when everything settles down you'll have to fill us in on what happened! I'm guessing Mikaela's hives are better. The sicknesses are everywhere! It seems as though everyone has at least one person in their family that is throwing up!

Anonymous said...

It's high time these babies get to feeling better! Love you all!


Terri H-E said...

Awe - are they finally all better? If so, get thee a babysitter and get out! Stat! You need some "healing" time...

Tabitha kaelyns mommy said...

Sounds like you have been a busy mommy with sick babies :( Praying that all is well now.

Myssie said...

thinking of you....hang in there!!

Lorelle said...

bless your heart...busy lady!
hope things slow down for you!