Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

Yesterday morning was so peaceful!! CALM BEFORE THE STORM!!!!

Frankie and Mikaela both slept late. Mikaela was up first. I kept checking on Frankie because it was so unlike him to sleep so late. At 1045 I decided to wake him up. When I went in he had vomit all over his shirt, a 104 fever and was out of it! He had been sleeping for almost 14 hours. I decided to take him back to the hospital. We were gone within about 5 minutes. 1/2 a mile from the house he got this horrible look on his face, he was choking, not breathing, foaming at the mouth and eventually vomiting enormous amounts of mucous. Our plans changed to drive him to the Firestation, he wasn't looking good. When we arrived he was scared to death but breathing, they immediately put him on oxygen. His o2 level was at 90 (not too bad but not good) his heart rate was 270. Frankie had his first and hopefully last ambulance ride yesterday. We spent about 4 hours at the hospital , diagnosis A BAD COLD with tons of mucous. Rsv, Step and Flu all came back negative again. We had a rough night last night! He was up wretching and choking about 8 times last night.. Hopefully things will get better!!

On the way to the firestation I ran over a few curbs (don't laugh!! I was scrared to death and people wouldn't move!!) Anyways, my car sustained some damage and is no longer operable :(

On the way to the hospital our Pediatricians office called regarding Mikaela's labs. She is allergic to Milk, Wheat, Egg Whites and Peanuts. What the heck?!!? We will be making an appointment for her to see an allergist ASAP. Does anyone know how accurate the blood allergy tests are?

Anyways, wonderful day yesterday!!

7 days till Frankies Birthday!!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Oh my goodness.....Frankie you better get better before your birthday. That would have been so scary, Im sorry you had to go through that, I would have been running over curbs too.

Cindy (natalies mom) knows lots about peanut allergies....

Cindy said...

So sorry to hear about such a scary day...I hate the sickness with tons of mucous. I hope you have a suction machine...that's the only way we survived the first 18 months.

Lukas was allergic to egg whites and peanuts, and is still allergic to peanuts and now we've learned, walnuts. But he also had a reaction to peanut butter when I fed it to him at 15 months, so I already knew he was allergic. I have a friend whose daughter's blood test showed allergies to milk and peanuts, and she fed those to her daughter all the time without reactions (and still does!) So if Mikaela has had reactions to those foods, I would 100% agree with the blood test. But if you think she hasn't had reactions to those foods, it's something to discuss with an allergist...they can do a scratch test (where there is just a rub, not a scratch, of the allergy agent on the back of the skin) to verify the blood test. If you search "allergy" on my blog, you can find my reporting on Lukas' allergies over the years. The allergist told me the blood test is most accurate in determining the "level" of allergy, but the scratch test is good for determining an actual allergy...but I still don't get how kids can show an allergy in the blood, but no reaction when you feed them the food. Let me know if you have questions....this was probably completely confusing!

Michelle said...

WOW. I can't imagine what you've been through. It was scary for me, just reading it! I don't blame you at all for running over curbs!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just thinking about you guys and sorry to hear that you all had to go through such a hard day. I would have been hit curbs and bumping cars out of the way. I totally understand where you where coming from. I hope everyone is doing better.

As far as the allergy test go mine was very accurate. Now of coarse there are degrees of how allergic you are to things. So that's the most important thing to find out.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Angela & Lily (lived across the street from you)