Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a Retard...

What the heck?? Got your attention didn't I?

When Frankie was less than 2 days old he was diagnosed with Rubsintein-Taybi Syndrome (RTS). Among Frankies many medical conditions is Mental Retardation. My beautiful baby boy is Mentally Retarded, hearing that for the first time just broke my heart! Frankie is a little boy who is full of love, life and laughter. My heart is no longer broken, its complete!

How can you know someone like him and use the word Retard? Its such a hateful word! Unless its used as medical terminology its just plain wrong.

Today is a new day, please make a personal pledge to stop using the R Word. You never know whose heart you are breaking when the word comes out of your mouth. Think about it, please!

Please visit this link and help Spread the Word to End the use of the R- Word


Terri H-E said...

We got your back, Frankie!

Myssie said...

Got your back, Doodle!!